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The meaning of Yoga is unity as well as harmony. Yoga does not wellness or its not civilized sports. Yoga is one healthy path to inner peace and happiness for body, mind and spirit altogether.

When one practice Yoga regularly, it give so many positive effects on body and mind:
• all disease of civilization can be cured
• prevention of disease is possible
• flexibility of the joint and spine can be increased
• excessive fat of the body is decreased
• the problems related with digestion will get corrected
• level of stress in mind and body is descreased
• inner power,strength and capacities can be increased

In my course of Yoga,i teach Classical Hatha Yoga, Yogic excercise specially designed for pregnanct woman,old people and Yoga for children. Check it.
Asanas and Pranayama act on every part of body, innern organ,nerves and hormon organ also on Nadi and Chakra.
Every man or woman can practice Yoga. One does not need anything special to practice Yoga but only need some more time for self and wish to enjoy healthy and happy life!

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My name is Angelika Hülsse- Lila Devi. I´m teacher of Yoga and i give course of Yoga for deaf people. These problems and Yoga can help them as better way of healthy living to get rid of such problems.

I`m self also deaf since birth. After being with Yoga, i feel really very good. My own experience with Yoga encouraged me to serve people like me with help of Yoga and make them feel happy and healthy life. Today my health is very nice and i continuously going on the natural path of Yoga and Ayurveda in my life.

I work in cooperation with american yoga teacher, we give traditional Yoga class of Sivananda.

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Nutritional counseling in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, diet is an important role to promote and maintain our health specifically. It also factors vitality Prana and force are the digestion Agni. Characteristics of foods that affect us, and our lifestyles are connected. In the diet according to Ayurveda shows the basic constitution of the people who are related by five natural elements of fire, water, air, ether and earth and the five senses of our perception smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing, which bring us the information about the characteristics of the foods that characterize. In our bodies all the essences of the tissue form on a daily basis from food along with vitality Prana, where we eat, drink and think. The power of digestion Agni controls the conversion. The power of digestion Agni controls the conversion of food into essences for the body. In adverse and wrong eating habits and lifestyle, such as often ice cold drinks, irregular meals, a lot of raw vegetables and inappropriate food as well as in emotional imbalance, for example, Grief, anger the power of digestion is weakened so that the deficiencies, e.g. grief, anger the power of digestion is weakened so that the deficiency symptoms, eg Flatulence, obesity, hypertension, skin diseases, lack of enthusiasm arise.

In the nutritional advice includes up
• Determining your constitutional types with pulse and tongue diagnosis to Ayurveda
• Creation of your individual nutrition plan with practical tips for your nutritional and lifestyle.

For the better result of pulse diagnosis, it is recommended not to eat 2 hours of counseling.
Note: These offers can not replace a consultation with a doctor or therapist!

Dieticians á 90 min = 80 euros by appointment

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Massage treatments in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda in the more than 5000 year old natural healing in India Ayurvedic massage with warm oil or refreshing slurry of powder regeneration serve us, regeneration in which we can draw new vitality, rest and relaxation in the source of well-being as well as useful recovering from acute diseases and alleviate of chronic diseases. What is special in Ayurvedic massages are not only massage strokes, but also the dedication of the life energies. The rhythmic massage sequence of hands with warm herbal oils or refreshing powder slurry stimulates the entire metabolism, where regeneration is promoted. With specific movements of the hands Marmas (subtle vital points) are stimulated to open the subtle energy channels and pay more vitality and vigor. In migraine, sleep disorders or mental exhaustion forehead oil treatment, Shirodhara is called, recommended for mental relaxation.

In regular applications of Ayurvedic treatments, the results may indicate:
• the skin becomes smooth, supple and resilient the body tissues become
• immune or strengthened the whole nervous system is strengthened, the
• sleep improves mental or emotional exhaustion are reduced good seeing
• and thinking power and inner balance of body, mind and soul better
• flow of lymph in the body detoxification and purification the waste
• tapered vital appearance and possibility of extended life

Regular Ayurvedic treatments give you a better quality of life and support a happy, balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

Abhyanga ( full body oil massage two hands) 90 minutes
You are massaged by a / m Ayurveda therapist / in mild or strong, depending on the constitutional types with anpassendem warm oil. The oil penetrates into all body tissues and promotes the direct direct detoxification of waste products and deposits in the body. At the same time this massage supports the blood circulation and strengthen the body tissues, which then follows to activate the elimination of waste products and toxic and deposits. You are deeply relaxed on the harmonization of subtle energies.

Synchronabhyanga (full body oil massage four hands) 90 minutes
You are inside massaged by two therapists Ayurveda / mild or strong depending on the constitution types anpassendem warm oil. The effect of the oil is similar to Abhyanga above.

Garshan (Dry massage with Ayurvedic silk gloves) 45 minutes
In this dry massage with silk gloves to traditional Ayurveda Your entire body is refreshed, the entire metabolism and circulation is stimulated, the connective tissue will stimulated. It gives you power to direct detoxification of toxins from the body and can reduce your female beauty Cellulite helpful and problem prevention.

Shiroabhyanga (head massage) with Shirodhara (forehead) 40 minutes
On your head and neck, it is massaged with warm oil gently or vigorously, depending on the constitutional types. In your head, the blood circulation are stimulated and the nerves activated or relaxed. After the head massage to flow over your forehead hot oil depending on the constitution types in a fine stream. This application leads to deep mental or psychological relaxation, promotes the stabilization of the entire nervous system and the ability to concentrate. You may act helpful for migraines, tension headaches, nervous tension, insomnia and sleep problems and depression. The hair on your head will be encouraged and strong.

Mukabhyanga (Face - u .Dekolettémassage) 20 minutes
Her face is massaged with anpassendem depending on the constitution types oil. The skin of the face is supplied with blood supple, the nerves and muscles of the face are relaxed. You can, of course, a relaxed facial expression bzw. mimic and rejuvenating appearance get. They will also help you with emotional problems and heartache.

Padabhyanga (foot massage) 40 minutes
Your feet are bathed in a salt bath for discharging the onerous energy. Then your feet are massaged with warm matching depending on the constitution types oil. This application distributes fatigue and general fatigue. It promotes the overall well-being, your feet will get more flexibility, stability, strength in the movement.

Pristabhyanga (back massage) 20 minutes
On your back you will be massaged with warm matching depending on the constitution types oil. They can give you to reduce back pain and tension as well as give relieve mental exhaustion.

Udvartana (dry massage with powder paste) 90 minutes
In this dry massage with special herbal powder pastes depending on the constitution types determined by traditional Ayurveda Your entire body is refreshed and stimulated. It gives freshness in the well-being and strength for purification of toxins from the body. You can you act helpful in excess body weight and mental dullness.

- all given massages by appointment -

Ayurvedic cooking

In our seminars Ayurvedic Cooking You will learn the basis of the food, the natural properties of the fresh food, the preparation and cooking, in which we share the preparation and cooking, in which we collectively shape the Ayurvedic cuisine. Cooking in Ayurveda is much more than a strict diet with do's and don'ts. Expect no nonsense cooking extravaganza with smoked tofu or marinated dates on saffron cream! Learn about the aromatic effects of unique spices from the origin of India and know the creative cooking with love from the heart! You can even lose almost the excess pounds, because heart is through his stomach. For a healthy and balanced diet should always be time. Healthy eating is not a question of income or social circumstances. Food to their name justice as a means to live and to be so cultivated and processed.

Each / r student / in receives extensive seminar documents containing general information on Ayurvedic cooking and an exclusive recipe part of Angelika Hülsse, the only student / in receive. Each / r student / in receives extensive seminar documents containing general information on Ayurvedic cooking and an exclusive recipe part of Angelika Hülsse, the only student / in receive.

Cooking Class 4 hours a day = 29 Euro

To Seminar dates / locations - please directly Angelika Hülsse check!

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In Vedic astrology, called Jyotish, all life issues and life events to issues of people who interpreted in search of meaning of life, and seeking advice. Jyotish is how Ayurveda about 5000 years old knowledge which is based in India's origin, on the cosmic and planetary influences from the universe and helps us to better understand the interrelationships of difficulties, obstacles as well as happiness, joy and love in life.

In particular, the circumstances in which we are born, demonstrated our karmic actions from previous lives, one wonders today, for example:
• Why you can not hear in this life or is deaf?
• When you can find a / s right / life partner / in as well as husband / wife?
• Why you have a lot of accidents or difficult to cure diseases in life?
• How do you get optimal or appropriate job?
• Where you have difficulties with the family situation?

Jyotish shows us understand our present circumstances and lifestyle, as well as the cause of difficulties, and then to make more conscious on the way to the future. Thus one gets from Jyotish from the prediction how the goal of certain life issues, such as favorable time of marriage, can achieve, or derived the precise data relating to various spheres of life, e.g. karmic issues.

It should be noted, not to be confused with Western astrology or not to mix!

In Jyotish I offer for all the people who, as well as in German and English professional advice in writings or in person to deaf or hearing:
• Vedic birth chart - Vedic horoscope question / statements and predictions karmic themes
• Vedic Partnership / Love Horoscope
• Vedic Health Horoscope
• Vedic daily horoscope / predictions for favorable and unfavorable time

Vedic birth chart will cost 80 Euro
Vedic horoscope issues will cost 45 Euro